Candy Novelty Works is the manufacturing powerhouse behind Au'some.  Our expertise lies in crafting efficient and streamlined processes and is all completed in-house. Each concept is realized by a specialized team of designers, ingredients are internationally sourced for competitive pricing and quality, and all stages of R&D, tooling, assembly and packaging are finalized right in the company's own factory. Au'some also undertakes all distribution and warehousing efforts involved with transporting finished goods.


Uncompromised Quality

Candy Novelty Work's factory, located in China, covers approximately 250,000 square feet and has undergone rigorous quality measures to meet GMP, BRC, HACCP, and ISO 22000 food safety certification. The factory is also EU Organic, USDA Organic and Kosher certified. The facility houses a fully-equipped laboratory where highly qualified chemists work side-by-side with the company's Quality Assurance and Quality Control teams to ensure that every phase of production meets the company's stringent system of quality control.